Oceanic Atom 3 Dive Computer

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Oceanic Atom 3 Dive Computer


The Atom 3 is a small format wrist mounted dive computer with a clear and easy to read screen that displays your critical dive data including depth, no-deco time remaining, cylinder pressure, air time remaining, and elapsed dive time. The Atom 3 includes Dual Algorithm, optional wireless air integration and PC/Mac interface.

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Product Description

The Oceanic Atom 3 is a lightweight watch size dive computer that offers all of their typical great features such as Dual Algorithm, optional wireless air integration and a high degree of setting customisation but also includes more advanced features like gas switching between up to three different nitrox mixes.

The Atom 3 electronics and sensors are encased within a lightweight but strong composite housing which makes it much lighter than a metal equivalent. A stainless steel back cover and front bezel with the Atom a stylish finish to give it an attractive look when used as an everyday watch. Four push buttons allow navigation through the intuitive menu system which is displayed on the segmental LCD display. As well as the alphanumerical information the screen will display nitrogen loading and ascent rate in the form of a bar graph on either side and the current selected gas mix in the bottom.

The Atom dive computer supports the connection of up to three separate transmitters which can be paired to the different gases to allow the correct cylinder pressures to be displayed after switching gases. All mixes can be up to 100% oxygen with no restriction on ordering.

One of the best features that the Atom includes is an Dual Algorithm technology that incorporates two different decompression algorithms. This allows us to optimise the bottom time that the dive computer offers without affecting safety or penalising the diver. The diver is able to select the most appropriate algorithm based on the type of diving, whether it is repetitive multi-level diving or one-off deeper diving.

  • Pelagic DSAT is the model that the PADI RDP table and the vast majority of other dive computers are based upon. It is perfect for repetitive, multi-level diving that you’d experience on a liveaboard or other diving holiday and provides consist dive times through the trip.
  • Pelagic Z+ gives divers the option of maximising dive time at depth, safely give more bottom time at the deepest point on one-off dives. Using this model for repetitive, multi-level dives will result in a steady loss of dive time on subsequent dives

Both algorithms can also be adjusted using a conservatism factor to make the calculations even safer. The real beauty of this customisation is that, if needed, it provides the option to closely mimic the dive profiles of other brands of dive computers which can be very useful if your buddy isn’t diving with an Oceanic computer.

Logged dive profiles can be transferred to a PC or Mac using the optional interface cable and software for permanent storage. The Oceanlog and Diverlog software also allow firmware updates to be downloaded from the internet and installed on the dive computer, keeping your Atom up to date with the latest performance and feature improvements.

UK purchases of the Oceanic Atom 3 Dive Computer are protected by a lifetime warranty which covers the original owner against manufacturing defects and faults for the entire life of the dive computer. To activate the warranty you need only register the unit and to maintain the warranty year on year the computer must be serviced annually at an authorised dealer. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Lifetime Warranty page


  • Powered by the Oceanic Dual Algorithm
  • Optional Wireless Air Integrated Technology
  • Four Operating Modes: WATCH (Alternate Time (with option to display Main and Alternate simultaneously), Chrono, Daily Alarm, Countdown Timer), NORM (Air and Nitrox), GAUGE (with run timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to allow switching between NORM and Free)
  • Switch between three independent transmitters, with up to three nitrox mixes to 100% O2
  • Safety stop – auto (with adjustable stop time and depth) + manual (run timer)
  • Gauge Mode with Run Timer
  • Single button access to “Last Dive” display (max depth & bottom time)
  • Optional Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • Customisable Audible Alarms with flashing red LED light
  • History Mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours, and lowest temp
  • Optional PC/Mac interface for dive profile transfer and settings/firmware upload
  • Firmware Update Ready

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