Oceanic Aerdura Rear Entry Drysuit

  • Oceanic Aerdura Rear Entry Drysuit
  • Oceanic Aerdura Rear Entry Drysuit
  • Oceanic Aerdura Rear Entry Drysuit

Oceanic Aerdura Rear Entry Drysuit


The Oceanic Aerdura drysuit was originally designed and built for military use with an emphasis on durability, puncture resistance and manoeuvrability that would allow there divers to enter the harsh environments that they operate in without hindrance.

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The Oceanic Aerdura drysuit is built for strength and durability using a very tough Cordura outer layer that is designed to resist scuffs, abrasion and tears. This particular version of the Aerdura is fitted with a rear entry YKK zip that runs from shoulder to shoulder. The trilaminate material incorporates a fine layer of titanium that works to reflect infra-red heat as it is lost by the body to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the dive.

The drysuit is cut on the bias of the material (diagonal to the weave) for extra stretch in each of the panels but for even more flexibility a telescopic torso has been added to allow for unrestricted movement. This excess material in the body is folded up under and retained by a flap fitted to the lower section of the body. An elasticated crotch strap helps to keep everything in place and reduce drag.

The Oceanic Aerdura is fitted with long lasting Seamtite latex wrist and neck seals that are especially resistance to chemical and sunlight damage. A neoprene warm neck collar is fitted to trap water around the neck and prevent colder water from flowing over the thermally unprotected neck seal. The neck collar can be positioned and adjusted for tightness using the velcro securing pads on either end of the front section.

A swivelling inflator valve allows convenient hose routing for a variety of diving disciplines and regulator configurations. Deflation is via an automatic shoulder dump fitted on the left arm that can be adjusted for optimised sensitivity and closed for surface buoyancy. 3M reflective tape has been added to the arms for additional visibility in low light conditions. A pocket made from the same durable material is fitted to the side of the right leg for convenient storage with a velcro closure and a drainage hole. The knees receive an additional layer of Cordura to act as a sacrificial layer that will protect the drysuit from abrasion damage and punctures in this high wear area.

Heavy duty, 4.5mm thick neoprene lined boots are glued and taped to the suit to provide long lasting and comfortable protection against the cold and wear. The boots have a thick rubber sole with grooved tread for extra grip on wet and slippery surfaces. The outer rubber layer is thicker over the fore foot and heel to protect against wear from fin foot pockets and straps. A raised cleat / retainer is molded onto the heel to help retain the fin strap and prevent accidental loss.

The suit is supplied with a neoprene drysuit hood, inflator hose, a storage bag that doubles as a changing mat and removable internal braces.

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