Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit

  • Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit
  • Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit
  • Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit

Oceanic FlexDura Drysuit


The Oceanic FlexDura was designed to maximise comfort and flexibility but at the same time to minimise drag and help reduce air migration.

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The Oceanic FlexDura drysuit is a trilaminate suit that uses a buytl layer trapped between two layers of polyester to create a great looking and durable suit. The FlexDura was designed to allow for a better streamlined cut without restricting movement but cutting each panel diagonal to the weave of the fabric. This technique gives the suit up to 15% more flexibility than a traditionally cut trilaminate suit using the same material, reducing the need for excess material to accommodate the movement of the diver.

The Oceanic FlexDura is fitted with heavy duty Seamtite latex seals that offer a higher chemical and UV damage resistance than thinner, lower quality seals which are available. The suit is inflated via the chest mounted swivelling valve and deflated using the automatic should dump fitted on the left arm. The sensitivity of the auto dump can be adjusted by rotating the valve to increase or decrease. The valve can also be fully closed for additional surface buoyancy if required.

Thigh pockets are fitted to both legs and each include a D-ring to secure ancillary equipment that will help to prevent loss when removed from the pocket. The pockets can be expanded or collapsed by securing or separating the velcro tabs built into the sides of both pockets. The contents are retained by a velcro flap that can be adjusted to suit the size of the pockets.

The drysuit includes heavy duty neoprene lined boots that has a 4.5mm thick inner lining designed to provide both thermal protection and also comfort. The boots have a thick rubber with high grip tread for extra traction over wet surfaces. A tab molded on the heel acts to retain fin straps, preventing accidental loss of your fins.

The suit is supplied with a inflator hose, neoprene drysuit hood, braces and storage bag that can also be used as a changing mat.

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