Oceanic Viper Full Foot Fins

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Oceanic Viper Full Foot Fins


The Oceanic Viper fins are a precision blend of hydrodynamics and materials technology for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance.

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The full foot version of the Oceanic Viper Fins offer a lighter solution to either travelling divers that will be diving in warm, tropical water and do not need heavier fins to propel them through the water or the full foot versions are ideal for snorkellers. This version of the Viper fins uses the same channel blade technology to flex the blade into a U shape that more efficiently controls the water as it flows down the length of the blade. A full soft rubber foot pocket comfortably encapsulates the foot and helps to transfer the power from your legs to the fin without causing stress or irritation to the foot or ankle.


  • Ideal for all diving and snorkeling skill levels
  • Flexible power thrust channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency
  • Power vents reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Generous yet streamlined foot pocket
  • Extremely lightweight for increased performance and ease of travel

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