Hollis 210 HO2 Regulator

  • Hollis 210 HO2 Regulator
  • Hollis 210 HO2 Regulator - First Stage
  • Hollis 210 HO2 Regulator - Second Stage

Hollis 210 HO2 Regulator


The Hollis 210 HO2 uses the bulletproof design of the Hollis HP5 first stage the H-O2 Tech second stage which is certified for up to 100% oxygen service thanks to highly specialised component materials and manufacturing processes.


Product Description

The Hollis 210 HO2 is an 100% Oxygen safe regulator that has been cleaned and assembled in a clean room environment with specially designed materials and halocarbon based lubricants. The regulator is green colour coded for easy identification.

The first stage uses an ultra reliable unbalanced piston design for simplicity and low maintenance costs and is fitted with a 300bar DIN fitting and a 40 inch / 101 cm braided regulator hose.

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