Hollis 212 DC1 Regulator

  • Hollis 212 DC1 Regulator
  • Hollis 212 DC1 Regulator - First Stage
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Hollis 212 DC1 Regulator


The Hollis 212 DC1 is a top of the range regulator that has received top reviews and ratings to match its high performance, effortless breathe and features. This a versatile regulator regardless of whether you are a recreational diver, sidemount diver, backmounted twinset diver or advanced technical diver.


Product Description

The Hollis 212 DC1 regulator uses a fully balanced and environmentally sealed system to deliver consistently high performance regardless of depth or environment, whether it is in the shallows of a coral reef or exploring the unknown at the limits of open circuit diving.

DC1 First Stage

The DC1 first stage uses an over-balanced diaphragm design for progressively improving performance at depth by steadily increasing the intermediate pressure to compensate for the changes in ambient pressure and gas density that would otherwise start to reduce the regulator performance. The internal components are protected from the elements by an environmental seal which is crucial when diving in cold water to help prevent icing and failure of a regulator.

The main body has two high pressure ports, one on either side for convenient hose routing regardless of diving style or discipline. The DC1 is now fitted with five low pressure ports, four are in the swivelling turret on the end of the body and the fifth is incorporated into the turret retaining assembly. This fifth port offers great hose routing for twinset divers and the best flow efficiency due to the inline flow to the hose.

212 Second Stage

The 212 second stage is amazingly light, making jaw fatigue a thing of the past. A pneumatically balanced valve provides a near effortless breathe and the dynamically adjusting design maintains the inhalation resistance and performance that you set via the control knob throughout the dive, regardless of depth changes, without the need to adjust manually. A venturi lever provides control over the flow of air inside the second stage, providing optimal performance with vacuum assisted breathing or freeflow protection that helps to reset the diaphragm and close the valve quickly.

The two stages are connected using a lightweight but strong Maxflex braided hose that offers better safety with a higher burst pressure and improved UV damage resistance compared to traditional rubber hoses.

UK sales of the 212 DC1 regulator are protected by a lifetime warranty once the product has been registered with us. To maintain the warranty and optimal performance levels the regulator must be annual serviced by a Hollis dealer but the service kits will be supplied free of charge. Visit the Lifetime Warranty page for more information.

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