Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator

  • Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator
  • Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator
  • Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator - Second Stage

Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator


The Hollis DC3 is built with the same quality as the DC1 but without the swivel turret, the DC3 is the ideal 1st stage for double cylinder configuration as well as perfect for single cylinders. Paired with the 221 which uses the same technology as the 212 without the dynamic adjustment . This reg set is designed for those who believe keeping it simple is best.


Product Description

The Hollis 221 DC3 Regulator uses the same pneumatically balanced first and second stage designs as the 212 DC1 but the low pressure swivel and second stage dynamic adjustment have been omitted to produce a regulator for divers that believe that keeping it simple is best.

The DC3 first stage uses a high performance over-balanced diaphragm design that provides a progressively ramping intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases. This ensures superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions. The DC3 has been environmentally sealed to provide protection from contamination as well as allowing the first stage to withstand the rigorous CS standard for cold water performance. Four low pressure and one high pressure port provide ample hose configuration, especially for stage cylinders.

The 221 second stage is pneumatically balanced to ensure that the high performance levels are maintained throughout the dive regardless of depth or cylinder pressure. The second stage is fitted with an adjustable venturi system (AVS) that acts as a pre-dive/dive switch to control the flow of air within the housing.


  • Environmentally sealed over-balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Four low pressure, one high pressure port
  • Cold water rated
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Diver adjustable venturi system

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