Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator

  • Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator
  • Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator - Second Stage
  • Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator - Second Stage

Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator


The Hollis 500SE DC7 seamlessly blends an old school regulator design with cutting edge technologies and materials. The inline design of the DC7 and servo assisted valve of the 500SE provide precision airflow and unparalleled performance for both air and trimix divers in a side exhaust configuration.

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Product Description

The Hollis 500SE DC7 regulator revisits the side venting, servo assisted design but incorporates new technologies, materials and ideas to create a high performing and efficient regulator that can be used left or right handed straight out of the box.

DC7 First Stage

The DC7 first stage uses an over-balanced diaphragm design to deliver high performance that will compensate for increasing depth pressures, ramping up its own performance characteristics to improve air delivery to the second stage throughout the dive. Rather than using the traditional L shape of a diaphragm first stage, the DC7 has been constructed with an inline design that allows gas to flow through the body more efficiently, reducing the turns and corners that the gas needs to take before reaching the second stage. The DC7 is environmentally sealed to provide increased protection against the potential issues of freezing in cold water. The environmental seal also helps to protect the internal components from contamination damage. The fixed inline body has four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports that have been angled for optimal hose routing.

500SE Second Stage

The 500SE second stage uses a servo assisted valve that is very capable of delivering huge amounts of air at the slightest inhalation. The air delivery works in two stages, the very slight drop in pressure inside the 500SE housing caused by inhaling pulls the diaphragm in and operates the valve. As gas flows through the valve from the first stage a vacuum builds up behind the diaphragm that then fully opens the valve for maximum performance. Unlike a typical second stage that only has one gas outlet from the valve, the 500SE has five outlets that allows much more efficient and even flow of gas into the second stage. The design of the valve mechanism allows the 500SE to be used either way up, left or right handed without the need for a technician to dismantle and reconfigure the regulator. The exhaust is made from a soft polymer and has been designed to very effectively direct exhaled gas away from the face. The exhaust incorporates a bolt snap attachment point on the end.

The two stages are connected using a flexible and durable braided Maxflex hose that offers higher burst pressure, better flexibility, reduced weight and better UV resistance that traditional rubber hoses.

Purchases of the500SE DC7 in the UK are backed up by our lifetime warranty that will protect the original owner against material and manufacturing defects for its entire life. Just register the product with us and get it serviced by a Hollis Dealer once a year and we will provide the regulator service kits free of charge and extend the standard warranty. Visit the Lifetime Warranty page to learn more.

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