Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator

  • Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator
  • Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator - DIN First Stage
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Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator


The Alpha 9 SP5 is the highest performing regulator in it’s class but still offers unbeatable value for money and is covered by a Lifetime Warranty which includes free service parts for life.

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Product Description

The Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 is all about simplicity and reliability thanks to an unbalanced piston first stage combined with a traditional downstream second stage. Don’t let it’s simple design fool you, this regulator can still deliver plenty of air but with the benefits of quick, easy and lower maintenance costs.

The SP5 is a compact inline first stage which uses a simple unbalanced piston design that has just one moving part which helps to keep both the retail price and maintenance costs as low as possible. The main body of the SP5 provides four low pressure and one high pressure port that have been positioned for convenient hose routing.

The first and second stage are joined using a Maxflex braided hose which is lighter, more flexible, stronger and much more resistant to UV damage than traditional rubber hoses.

The Alpha 9 second stage continues the simple design concept with a lightweight casing that houses an unbalanced downstream valve. A large diameter diaphragm allows the Alpha 9 to deliver an excellent performance to value ratio with low breathing resistance. The soft front cover acts as a full size purge button for easy clearing and the wide exhaust deflectors help to direct exhaled gas away from the face. The Alpha 9 is fitted with an orthodontic mouthpiece with dual density bit tabs that are designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.

The Alpha 9 SP5 is covered by a Lifetime warranty programme that protects the original owner from material and manufacturing defects for the entire time that you own the regulator. Simply get the regulator serviced by an authorised dealer or service centre every year to maintain the warranty status and we will also provide the service kits free of charge. For more information about the Oceanic lifetime warranty click here

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