Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 Regulator

  • Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 Regulator
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Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 Regulator


The Delta 4 FDX10 is a compact, lightweight and high performing balanced regulator which combines the FDX10 over balanced diaphragm first stage with the balanced Delta 4 second stage with a swivel joint for added comfort.

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Product Description

The Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 is a fully balanced regulator system which brings together the FDX10 over-balanced diaphragm first stage and the mechanically balanced Delta 4 second stage with dynamic inhalation adjustment for an unbelievably effortless breathe.

The FDX10 is cold forged from marine grade brass, chrome plated and then surrounded with a protective casing to help keep the first stage in excellent condition. The over-balanced diaphragm design progressively ramps up the performance of first stage as depth and gas density increase, giving the diver consistently high performance and flow rates. An environmental seal provides additional cold water protection by shielding the internal components from contact with the water, helping to prevent ice crystals forming that could lead to a free flow. The seal also prevents contaminants from damaging sensitive parts such as o-rings or the diaphragm and degrading their integrity or performance.

The body is fitted with four fixed orientation low pressure ports and two fixed orientation high pressure ports that offer convenient hose routing of a primary second stage, octopus, two inflator hoses, a gauge or console and a wireless transmitter if required. Everything a recreational diver needs whether diving somewhere warm or cold.

The Oceanic Delta 4 uses a pneumatically balanced valve with dynamic inhalation adjustment for hassle free control over the performance level of the second stage. The inhalation control on the side of the Delta 4 allows a performance level to be set by the diver which will be automatically maintained by the second stage itself. There is no need to manually adjust the controls as depth increases or decreases as this is adjusted by an Dynamic Adjustment assembly. The Delta 4 also features a venturi switch on the top of the body to allow the diver to control the air flow and venturi effect within the housing, switching between Pre-Dive and Dive modes as needed. In Pre-Dive mode air is directed back into the housing to help prevent free flows and the Dive mode directs air towards to the mouthpiece for maximum performance.

The Delta 4 FDX10 is fitted with a braided low pressure hose which is lighter, safer and offer a longer life than standard rubber hoses and an inline knuckle style swivel to reduce jaw fatigue and improved comfort.

On top of all these great features all UK purchases of the Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 regulator are protected by a Lifetime warranty once registered. To maintain the warranty the regulator must be serviced annually within a month of the purchase anniversary at an authorised Oceanic Dealer. To make the deal even sweeter we will even provide the service kit free of charge to the dealer, making it even cheaper to own and maintain your Oceanic regulators. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Oceanic Lifetime Warranty page.


  • Over-balanced first stage for consistent performance
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Braided lightweight low pressure hose
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece with high-density bite tabs
  • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
  • Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment
  • Stainless steel inline swivel for reduced jaw fatigue and comfort

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