Oceanic EOS FDX10 Regulator

  • Oceanic EOS FDX10 Regulator
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Oceanic EOS FDX10 Regulator


The EOS FDX10 combines a high performance environmentally sealed diaphragm first stage with an effortless breathing balanced second stage to offer excellent cold water reliability, comfort and exceptionally low inhalation resistance.

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Product Description

The Oceanic EOS FDX10 is a high specification regulator that combines the over-balanced and environmentally sealed FDX10 first stage with the lightweight, pneumatically balanced EOS second stage for a ultra responsive and effortless breathe regardless of the depth or diving environment.

The FDX10 first stage uses an over-balanced diaphragm design to progressively increase the intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increase. This provides the diver with a consistent level of high performance and air flow.The diaphragm is protected from contamination and the effects of extreme cold water by an environmental seal that allows the surrounding ambient pressure to be transferred into the first stage whilst helping to prevent free flow conditions and ice crystal build up around critical components. The cold forged first stage body has four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports that are pre-angled for optimal hose routing.

The EOS second stage continues the high performance with a lightweight housing and pneumatically balanced valve. An inline hose swivel helps to alleviate jaw fatigue and allow the diver to move freely without the hose pulling. The EOS is fitted with a diver adjustable inhalation control that alters the breathing resistance required to open the valve. This feature was initially designed to allow divers to set their regulators for optimal performance at depth but would require adjustment when ascending and descending to maintain the same performance level. The EOS dynamically adjusts the inhalation resistance to the performance level the diver sets throughout the dive so there is no need to manually adjust it.

The EOS also incorporates and Pre-Dive/Dive mode adjustable venturi system that allows easy manipulation of the air flow within the housing. In the Pre-Dive position air is directed back towards the diaphragm to help prevent free flowing on the surface or set to the Dive position for optimal and venturi assisted flow towards the mouthpiece for maximum performance.

On top of all these great features all UK purchases of the Oceanic EOS FDX10 regulator are protected by a Lifetime warranty once registered. To maintain the warranty the regulator must be serviced annually within a month of the purchase anniversary at an authorised Oceanic Dealer. To make the deal even sweeter we will even provide the service kit free of charge to the dealer, making it even cheaper to own and maintain your Oceanic regulators. For more information about the warranty programme please visit the Oceanic Lifetime Warranty page.


  • Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage with Environmental Seal
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage with virtually no breathing effort
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
  • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment
  • Stainless steel inline swivel for reduced jaw fatigue and comfort

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