Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator

  • Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator
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Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator


The GT3 CDX5 combines an over-balanced first stage and balanced second stage into a high performing regulator that commands a very competitive price. The CDX5 first stage delivers cold water reliability and performance with an environmental seal whilst the GT3 offers adjustment by using a inhalation control.

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Product Description

The Oceanic GT3 CDX5 is a high performance but very affordable regulator with an over-balanced diaphragm, environmentally sealed first stage and balanced second stage that incorporates a dynamically adjusting inhalation resistance valve.

The CDX5 is a compact first stage that uses an over-balanced diaphragm design to deliver increasing performance as depth and gas density increase, ensuring a continuous level of high performance and flow rate regardless of depth or cylinder pressure. The CDX5 is environmentally sealed for extra cold water performance and reliability as well as contamination protection that might otherwise damage the internal parts. Four low pressure and two high pressure ports are equally distributed on either side of the first stage at optimised angles for ideal hose routing.

The GT3 is a pneumatically balanced second stage with diver adjustable inhalation control but rather than have to manually fine tune the inhalation resistance during the dive the GT3 will dynamically adjust the valve to maintain the performance level that has been set. The GT3 is fitted with a braided hose pressure hose to reduve the overall weight and also improve the safety of the regulator. Braided hoses have a higher burst pressure and are much more resistant to UV and contamination damage compared to standard rubber hoses.

On top of all these great features all UK purchases of the Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator are protected by a Lifetime warranty once registered. To maintain the warranty the regulator must be serviced annually within a month of the purchase anniversary at an authorised Oceanic Dealer. To make the deal even sweeter we will even provide the service kit free of charge to the dealer, making it even cheaper to own and maintain your Oceanic regulators. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Oceanic Lifetime Warranty page.


  • Over-balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Environmental seal
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Braided low pressure hose
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Dynamic Inhalation Adjustment

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