Oceanic Magnetic Swivel Octopus

  • Oceanic Magnetis Swivel Octopus
  • Oceanic Magnetis Swivel Octopus
  • Oceanic Magnetis Swivel Octopus
  • Oceanic Magnetis Swivel Octopus
  • Oceanic Magnetis Swivel Octopus

Oceanic Magnetic Swivel Octopus


The Magnetic Swivel Octopus is low profile and ambidextrous for convenient, out of the way storage but can be quickly deployed from the magnetic holder and used either way up


Product Description

The Oceanic Magnetic Swivel Octopus uses a inline swivel to allow the octopus to become ambidextrous for left or right handing as well as correct rotation when donating air in an emergency. The octopus  has a large soft purge cover for easy clearing and a side exhaust vent to make the housing as thin as possible to help reduce bulk and potential snag points when the octopus is stowed against the BCD. A magnetic BCD clip is supplied with the octopus to make deployment as quick as possible in an emergency by eliminating the need to unclip an attachment, simply pulling the octopus will disengage the magnets.

On top of all these great features all UK purchases of the Oceanic Magnetic Swivel Octopus are protected by a Lifetime warranty once registered. To maintain the warranty the regulator must be serviced annually within a month of the purchase anniversary at an authorised Oceanic Dealer. To make the deal even sweeter we will even provide the service kit free of charge to the dealer, making it even cheaper to own and maintain your Oceanic regulators. For more information about the warranty programme please visit the Oceanic Lifetime Warranty page.


  • Magnetic octopus keeper takes the hassle out of locating and attaching on BCD
  • Redesigned housing and exhaust valves reduce wet breathing
  • Modified valve assembly for reduced sensitivity and freeflow
  • Side exhaust creates the ultimate octopus design with no upside down
  • Inline swivel allows left or right hand side mounting allowing for quick and flexible access
  • May be mounted over or under your shoulder
  • Lies streamlined and flat, reducing drag and tangles on other equipment
  • High visibility yellow hose and front cover
  • Supplied lightweight, flexible, Braided hose designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses.

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