Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus

  • Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus
  • Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus
  • Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus
  • Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus

Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus


The Omega 3 Octopus has the same specification and performance of the primary version but with a high visibility yellow housing, hose and mouthpiece to make the location of the octopus as easy as possible in an out of air situation.


Product Description

The Oceanic Omega 3 Octopus is a balanced side venting second stage to match the primary version of the second stage but with a bright and clearly identifiable yellow housing. The second stage uses a unique servo valve that delivers airflow that is proportional to your need with no rush or air or fluttering, just consistent performance and easy breathing. Unlike a typical balanced second stage the Omega 3 uses a two chamber balancing design that provides pressure assisted air flow through six vents into the housing which allows us to accomplish a more distributed and higher volume flow of air around the second stage compared to a standard single vent design. The housing is fitted with a rotating piece at the hose inlet which switches the valve from pre-dive to dive modes as required. The side exhaust vent gives the Omega 3 two additional benefits, firstly exhaled gas is purged to the side of the head which keeps the bubbles away from the face and secondly it means that second stage is ambidextrous with no up or down to hinder hose routing or configuration.


  • Braided high visibility yellow low pressure hose
  • High visibility yellow housing
  • Balanced servo assisted second stage valve
  • Pre-dive and Dive modes
  • Ambidextrous housing design
  • Side exhaust vent

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