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Hollis S25 LX Wing


The Hollis S25 LX is a compact and lightweight donut wing delivery 25 lbs / 11kg of lift, supports single cylinder use without the need of an adapter and has been optimise for reduce drag


Product Description

The Hollis S25 LX is our smallest 360 degree wing, delivering 25lbs / 11kg of lift and has been designed so that it can be used in a single cylinder configuration without the need for a separate single tank adapter.

The LX update brings a new 1680 denier HD laminated Cordura outer layer that protects the 420 denier internal bladder. The inner bladder is easily accessed via a looping zip that runs around the inside of the wing. A retracting system has been introduced to draw the bladder in upon itself as it deflates, providing a much more streamlined profile in the water that helps the diver to dive as efficiently as possible.

The S25 LX is supplied with our standard inflator with traditional inflate and deflate buttons to control buoyancy as well as oral inflation by holding the deflate button down and exhaling into the wing. A newly designed over pressurisation valve is located on the lower left side. To further help streamlining the corrugated inflator hose has been given an oval cross section that hugs the diver closer.

  • Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
  • Outer shell constructed of HD Laminated 1680D Cordura
  • 420 nylon internal bladder
  • Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference
  • Lower left pull relief valve
  • Cam band slots

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