About us

Matt Bacon

SSI Scuba Instructor

After diving for 20 years all over the world with qualified but more often than not very rusty holiday divers I decided to make a stand! For the diver who made some preparation to have good underwater experiences whilst away I salute you, but to those who get qualified and don’t maintain their skills you need to perhaps take the time to practice what you have learned and be as good as you can possibly be when you get back in the water.

Having spent time serving with the Royal Marine Commandos I learned that you need to maintain a level so it takes you a shorter time to sharpen your skills when required.

At Fin Divers we don’t judge you on what you have learned in the past, we are just passionate about making you the best diver you can be. “Train Hard For An Easy Dive” and “Perfect Practice” are two sayings you will hear banded around the Fin Divers shop and club and I believe you will find our learning environment and teaching style pace refreshing in a market place that is full of cut pricing and hurry up hurry up! We set no time limit on how long it takes you to get qualified as we feel you are the best measure on how quickly you adapt to the underwater world and that will generally set the pace for your course.

Richard Anderson

SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Richard Anderson

I started diving in 1999 where I discovered a whole new underwater world.

With the help of Fin Divers I’d like to help you find this world for yourselves.

Barry WhiteTechnical

Rebreather, Sidemount, DPV Instructor/ Instructor Trainer

I started diving in Cyprus in 1987, loved it and havn’t really stopped since. I completed my instructor course at the age of 18 but soon realised that it was the technical side of diving that interested me.

Its always good if you can enjoy your work and training people to complete the type of dives that I enjoy doing means that we can have a course that is good, challenging but also fun.I can usually be found diving rebreather, sidemount or on my new Horizon semi closed rebreather and am just at home diving in a cave, wreck or on a nice easy reef looking at the wildlife.I also enjoy underwater photography, photogrammetry and videography which gives an interesting slant on regular diving.

Matthew Symonds

SSI Scuba Instructor

Adrian Colegate

Master Scuba Diver Trainer,
Tec Instructor,
BS-AC Open Water / Twinset Instructor

Adrian Colegate

I started diving in 2007 and became a BS-AC Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2009 and in 2014, I qualified as a PADI Open Water Instructor and in 2015 became a PADI Tec Instructor.

I’m an experienced overhead-environment and mixed-gas diver. I love freshwater diving and dive lakes, quarries, caves and mines in and around the UK and abroad including Spain, Greece, Portugal and Mexico.

Josh Williams

SSI Scuba Instructor
Marine Biologist

Josh Williams

I have always had a deep fascination and passion for sharks. This blossomed at an early age, mostly from watching documentary’s and reading books.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to become a marine biologist so that I could study and work with sharks for a living. This infatuation ultimately led me to graduate with a degree in Marine Biology and in 2014

I achieved one of my dreams of working at the shark lab in the Bahamas. Learning to dive has opened opportunities and shaped my life, I would love to pass on what I have learned.

Dennis Scales

Senior Technician / Rescue Diver

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Over 45 years of Engineering coupled with a love for scuba diving has lead to learning to service all diving equipmet. As an engineer I understand the importance of regular seviced equipment allowing it to oporate at its most efficient leads to sucessful dive experiences.

Back in 1998, I did a try dive in France and was instantly hooked and coming back to the UK signed up for my Open Water Course.  For a long time, I was a typical holiday diver then following a cancelled liveaboard trip, joined Fin Divers to do my Divemaster with the excuse of doing more diving. Over the next 2 years, completed my Divemaster and Instructure courses and saw a whole new side of diving getting a real buzz from teaching others to dive. In the last few years I have ventured into Rebreather Diving and love the extended dive time and silent diving it gives me.  My favourite diving is wrecks and using my rebreather to maximise my exploring time.