Air, Nitrox, and Oxygen Fills

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Air Refills

Air is available to 300 bar. Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving. A certification of analysis is displayed in the shop at all times. The filling of cylinders is done so under the guidelines of HSE and only cylinders conforming to these standards can be filled on site

  • 232 bar air fills are currently £2.50 up to 5ltr, £4.00 for cylinders up to 15ltr
  • 18lt & 300 bar fills are charged at £6.00
  • All 232 bar twinsets will be charged at £7.00 per fill, regardless of size
  • 300 bar twinsets are £9.00 fill

For our Air Card deals please ask in the shop

Nitrox Refills

Nitrox is available from 22% through to 99%. Cylinders have to conform to HSE specifications.

Customers will also need to bring their certification for their first nitrox fill. Nitrox can only be issued to those people who have proof of certification and only fills to that level can be taken.

3ltr 5ltr 7ltr 10ltr 12ltr 15ltr Twin 7ltr Twin 10ltr Twin 12ltr Twin 15ltr
Up to 27% £4.00 £4.00 £4.00 £4.38 £5.25 £6.56 £6.13 £8.75 £10.50 £14.63
Up to 32% £4.00 £4.00 £5.60 £8.00 £9.60 £12.00 £11.20 £16.00 £19.20 £25.50
Up to 36% £4.00 £5.46 £7.65 £10.93 £13.11 £16.39 £15.30 £21.85 £26.32 £34.28
Up to 40% £4.14 £6.90 £9.66 £13.80 £16.56 £20.70 £19.32 £27.60 £33.12 £42.90
Up to 50% £6.05 £10.09 £14.12 £20.80 £24.21 £30.26 £28.25 £40.35 £48.42 £62.03



Oxygen can be supplied up to 230 bar providing the cylinders are in current test and oxygen clean. Either a suitable diving qualification or oxygen administration certificate will be needed to obtain these fills.

Oxygen currently costs 2.5p per litre plus an added £1.50 for a top-off.

A minimum price for Oxygen/EAN dispense is £4.

All Findivers Members + Affiliated dive club members receive the top off free of charge (See Links).

For higher % of Oxygen please see instore for price.


Please bring your certification with you for your first fill. This will allow us to add you to our database for future reference. Nitrox and Oxygen can only be signed out if an appropriate certification is provided. We reserve the right to charge for any Nitrox or Oxygen which has to be drained due to customers not being able to provide suitable documentation. Failure to pay for Nitrox or Oxygen  drained will mean cylinders will be retained until the matter is resolved.